Holy Week

Holy Week
by Pamela Folse

We will celebrate this Holy Week as we never have before. Instead of inviting and coaxing everyone to come to the services, we plead with you to stay home. The churches are closed so that we can all do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. From our favorite easy chair, we will watch the events of the holiest week of the year unfold for us by whichever electronic media we choose. I invite each of you to enter more deeply into the events of Holy Week this year. You can do this whether you live alone, with a spouse, or with other family members. 

On Palm Sunday, take a walk outside and pick up a blade of grass. Imagine Jesus riding up on a donkey with the people crying jubilantly as though at a parade. What do you say to Jesus? Take the blade of grass inside with you and remember to offer prayers for all the healthcare professionals who are risking their own lives to be lifesavers in this time of crisis.

On Wednesday, the usual day of the Chrism Mass, remember to pray for Father Michael and all the priests throughout the world, who would be recommitting themselves to ministerial service. Thank God for their vocation and their dedication. 

On Holy Thursday, consider making a small batch of unleavened bread and recall the last supper, when Jesus shared a most intimate meal with his friends. Imagine yourself at the table with the Lord. How do you feel about being there? Sometime during the day, consider sitting with your feet in a basin of water. Jesus comes along to wash your feet. How do you feel at that moment? What do you say to Him?

On Good Friday, pray the Way of the Cross. Use the one found here on our website, other websites, or pray your own. Join the people who see Jesus on the way to Calvary. Ask him to carry whatever troubles you. Give him your fear, anxiety, and all that you are feeling. Find a cross in your home and place it in the middle of your kitchen table where you can see it often.

On Holy Saturday, consider all that you learned from Jesus this Lent: how to love, how to suffer, how to live in isolation and separation from those we love. Make a batch of Resurrection Cookies to have on Easter Sunday.

The greatest story ever told can be summed up in three simple words, “God is love.” God loves us more than we can ever comprehend. God is loving us through these days of crisis, and we will soon rejoice together when we can swing open the doors to St. Patrick Church and welcome you all in again. God be with you. 

We would love to see your pictures!  Let us know how you are spending your Holy Week.  Send them to us on Facebook @StPatrickBR or email them to [email protected]

For more Holy Week and Easter resources for families with children, visit https://www.stpatrickbr.org/kids.

Another Palm Sunday idea:
How can we publicly acknowledge this important day on our calendar when so many of us will be behind closed doors?  What if everyone on Sunday April 5 in the morning, puts a branch on the door of their house or on the window, to celebrate Palm Sunday? Use red ribbon to tie the branches. It could be any green branch, if you don’t have a palm branch. This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected as we enter into the Holiest of Weeks.  Want to join?  
We may be physically isolated, but not separated. We are united as the body of Christ.  We are the Church.  Yes, we are. We’ve got this. Let’s do it.