Administration Commission

Offertory Tabulators (101)
Volunteers sort, count, and prepare deposits. Involves about two hours, during office hours, at an assigned time on a rotating basis. CONTACT: Harold Couvillon, 751-2037

Office Volunteers (102)
* Provide office assistance to the parish staff, such as answering the phone, doing data entry, stuffing envelopes, etc. Volunteers are contacted when a need arises. Adults and older teens are eligible. CONTACT: Sandra Colomb, 753-5750 

Parish Library Committee (103)
Volunteers are needed to assist with planning, organizing and maintaining the St. Patrick Library. CONTACT: Arlene Carroll, 270-9157

St. Patrick Preschool 8hkipuuvsqw9cj4ku1izno42kcl.png

Classroom or Office Volunteers (104)
Volunteers who love little children and are willing to work hands-on with them or in the office when school personnel are absent or must leave early. CONTACT: Theresa Farris, 752-3898

Readers and Storytellers (105)
Volunteers who love little children and are willing to visit whenever called to read to them or tell them a story. CONTACT: Theresa Farris, 752-3898

Building Committee (106)
A consultative body to the pastor and appointed by him, this committee assists in planning and overseeing construction and renovations to the physical plant. CONTACT: Sandra Colomb, 753-5750

Finance Board (107)
Members of the Finance Board are appointed by the pastor and meet periodically to review parish finances and the annual budget. This group is aware of their responsibility to assist the Pastor and office staff in being good stewards of the financial resources entrusted to our parish. CONTACT: Sandra Colomb, 753-5750

Pastoral Council of Ministries (108)
Members of the Pastoral Council of Ministries are active in at least one of the ministries of the six commissions and serve as a consultative body for the pastor. The purpose of the Pastoral Council of Ministries is to foster the development of ministries and to build community through prayer, discerning needs, making recommendations, overseeing implementation and providing ongoing evaluation. Meetings are held quarterly. Signing up for this ministry indicates your willingness to serve on the Council when positions become available. CONTACT: Sandra Colomb, 753-5750 

* Indicates a ministry in which children and/or youth can participate.